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McAfee Advanced Security Expert Look

With a rich heritage of above thirty years, McAfee security products remain popular and demanded by average users all around the world. McAfee Advanced Security comes with updated 2020 proposals and pleasant conditions to benefit from. McAfee reviews enable you to look thoroughly at its leading products antivirus performance and decide on its exploitation as a universal protective system for your device.

Interface and Device Compatibility

McAfee Security has an award-winning interface for being easy to handle and adjust to your preferences. Having undergone significant design changes recently the programme looks alike in suits for different operation systems. The top bar allows you to go through the following categories: Home, PC Security, Identity, Privacy, and Account. left-sided security indicator depicts a level of protection and the list of protected devices.

McAfee Advanced Security is attainable for the protection of Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS operated devices. No matter the device, it is easy and fast to download. Get registered at the official website, download the setup file for your device,  go through the installation process, adjust settings to your needs and preferences, and obtain the high-class protection with ease.

Basic and Additional Features

McAfee Advanced Security along with other security packages proposes the following protection basic features.

  • Protection of all personal Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS operated devices.
  • Two-way firewall to defend from spyware, rootkits and bots.
  • Ransomeware protection.
  • File shredder for cleaning up your device.
  • Gaming mode

Advanced security programmes come with additional features:

  • Password manager to store your passwords securely.
  • Encrypted storage works on 1286-bit security to keep your significant files maximum secured.
  • Identity theft protection prevents any personal and financial data leak and assists in case of theft issues.
  • Safe family provides you with a full-package of parental control tools.

Packages and Pricing

Review the attainable packages and pricing to select the most appropriate and beneficial one for yourself.

  • Free trial – get registered and experience basic McAfee Security features for 30 days with no charge.
  • Single device – the cost is $79.99, while the first year usage is $29.99, the package comprises Antivirus, VPN, Performance Optimization, Home Network Security, Password Manager, Safe Web Browser, McAfee Shredder, Encrypted Storage. The package is applicable to 1 device.
  • Individual and couples – the cost is $99.99, while the first year usage is $34.99, the package comprises all the Single device features plus Multi-device Compatibility, and Identity Theft Protection. The package is applicable to 5 devices at once.
  • Family – the cost is $119.99, while the first year usage is $39.99, the package comprises all the Individual and couples features plus Safe Family. The package is applicable to 10 devices at once.


McAfee Advanced Security is a customer-friendly, easy-to-handle programme tp protect your device from all possible threats and online and offline risks. Although, there are many reports about the Antivirus slowing down the device operating, the benefits prevail over all. With its top-rate performance and reliability, pleasant first-year usage discounts, and useful additional features, McAfee Advanced Security is worth exploiting for your device protection and performance optimization.

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