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Avast review

In the age of information technology, it is harder and harder to protect your data. However, Avast has an Avast Free Antivirus solution that will help protect information even against zero-day threats. The free version of the antivirus provides for use only by private individuals, companies will have to purchase licenses of the paid versions.

The protection program has been held in the tops of the best antiviruses for 2-3 years, and it shares leadership only with real titans in protecting against viruses.

Best For from Best Antivirus Pro

Avast is the best pick for those who use many devices united in one network. It offers free scanning of a home Wi-Fi or a wired network and each available device.

Brief information about Avast

Avast review 2019 has introduce  Antivirus is a free protection program with all the necessary functions for reliable protection of your computer, home network, and data. Behavioral analysis, CyberCapture cloud technology, web protection, mail protection, and Wi-Fi check.

In 2019, it was improved in order to increase efficiency and reduce the load on computer system resources.

What opportunities does Avast provide?

  • Do not disturb mode. Do not let leads distract you from more important matters. This mode will close all pop-ups so that you can play or work without problems.
  • Protection against web threats and phishing. Do not be afraid to surf the Internet. Avast will ensure that you do not fall for phishing sites and Internet fraudsters.
  • Identification and elimination of any spyware: spyware, rootkits, trojans, ransomware programs, etc.
  • Behavior analysis. Ransomware and zero-day threats also have no chance, because the program traces all the patterns and behavior of the file.
  • The program blocks suspicious files transfers them to the cloud and sends them for investigation.
  • Mail protection. Prevents infected email from entering your inbox on a computer, such as Outlook and Thunderbird, and also prevents the sending of infected emails from your account.

What innovations appeared after the update

Improvements are really tangible. Firstly, new functions appeared, secondly, Avast became more modernized, and thirdly there are a number of new updates that will not be ignored:

Avast 2019 This is a new high level of protection for free. The program proved its professionalism in the latest study of the AV-test and was released in the top 7 antiviruses. The main advantages of this program are its efficiency, functionality, and simplicity. At the same time, it is completely free software that provides the user with features such as Parental Control and many other modes. Antivirus can also be a system optimizer and antispyware at the same time.

What updates will appear in the future, is a question of time. Perhaps the developers will be able to deal with the problem of pop-ups, or Avast will be able to more carefully distinguish malware from normal ones. In any case, this antivirus failed many users and continues to evolve.


Avast is a classic among free antiviruses. The program performs a wide range of useful functions to protect your computer from malware, spyware, viruses, phishing, and unsafe payments. In 2019, Czech developers worked on the antivirus and added a number of useful additional functions to their product, correcting the errors. So in the latest version of the free antivirus, the Parental control and Do not disturb options appeared. The performance and efficiency of Web Protection have improved. In addition, the following innovations were noticed in the program:

  • Optimized status of protection components – now they are synchronized in all sections of the program
  • Fixed a problem with the validity of the free license
  • Improved anti-virus integration with stand-alone Avast applications.

At the same time, many users may complain about the fact that during the work of the program pop-up windows still appear, as well as a rather intrusive advertisement about buying a subscription. On the other hand, the paid version does provide certain advantages.

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