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Avast Cleanup Premium: Is it Worth Buying or Not?

One may ask why do I need an Avast Cleanup Premium? The point is that the program in automatic mode detects and eliminates all kinds of system malfunctions, scans hard drive partitions for junk files and deletes them. Besides, the functionality of the utility also includes performing various operations in order to increase the performance of Windows.

The application has simple and intuitive controls. All functions for optimizing and cleaning the PC and eliminating system malfunctions are performed in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Immediately after launch, the utility offers to use one of the four functions, each of which has its own individual purpose:

Computer Service

The purpose of the function is to eliminate minor system problems and delete junk files. Computer maintenance operations include:

  1. Detection and repair of damaged/erroneous registry entries.
  2. Detection and removal of broken shortcuts.
  3. Removing unnecessary system files (mostly temporary/cache files).
  4. Delete cache files, logs, and browser downloads.
  5. Search and delete browser tracking and potentially dangerous cookies.

System maintenance operations are recommended to be launched daily, as all of the above objects are accumulated in the system during the use of the computer.

Computer Acceleration

Operations to increase computer performance include:

  1. Forced shutdown of third-party programs running in the background;
  2. Clear Windows startup list;
  3. Search and removal of useless programs installed on the computer;
  4. This function also includes PC maintenance operations.

Hard Disk Cleanup

The purpose of the function is to detect all kinds of temporary files on the hard disk and then delete them. These include:

  1. Temporary/residual installation files for programs and updates;
  2. Cache, logs, Windows dump files;
  3. File backups created by various programs “just in case;”
  4. Browser data and other files;
  5. The soft allows the user to choose which file categories to delete.

Key Features of Premium Antivirus

Features of the Antivirus Program Include:

  • Built-in task scheduler;
  • System cleaning and optimization functions;
  • The official website regularly updates software;
  • Monitoring startup programs in real-time;
  • Frees up random access memory by pressing one key;
  • Shows which extensions are installed in web browsers;
  • Troubleshooting problems with the slow operation of your computer;
  • The program allows you to get rid of unnecessary files and residual data.


  • Intuitive interface;
  • The presence of convenient toolbars;
  • Search for a variety of garbage on your PC;
  • The function of complete removal of programs and files;
  • Developed a system for accelerating the performance of a personal computer;
  • There is a working version for a mobile device based on Android;
  • The premium version has advanced functionality.


  • Rare crashes when working with Windows Vista;
  • A large number of such cleaners with almost the same features.


In general, a lot of such “cleaners” have recently appeared. Typically, such programs are divided into two types: those that remove the maximum amount of “garbage” from the computer, but which can negatively affect the stability of the system and those that act less “radically” by deleting fewer files. This premium version can be attributed somewhat to the second type. This is not to say that this tool will free the disk from absolutely all “garbage”, but after its operation, you will not encounter problems such as the inability to run individual programs or the appearance of system errors.

In addition to cleaning the system, the program can also perform its optimization, which consists of changing some system settings, searching for potentially dangerous applications, and also removing unnecessary elements from startup. The program also has a built-in scheduler that allows you to configure the start of cleaning at a particular time interval or indicate the exact time it started. Externally, the system looks very attractive, and overall the program has a friendly interface with a simple structure. Scanning is launched with one click. Read more here: https://www.avast.com/en-us/cleanup

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