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Soft Dog Crates

Things You Need to Know About Soft Dog Crates

Soft dog crates are likely to be the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy for your dog. Since this isn’t your typical everyday shopping, it’s important to make the right choice the first time. You must get a suitable and durable crate. There are various materials you can pick from: wood, metal, plastic, or soft-sided. Today we’ll focus on the soft-sided options.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Soft Dog Crates

There are quite a few reasons to prefer this kind of crates. For one, they are great for airplanes and car rides if you own a small dog. Such crates are also lightweight and are very easy to carry around. Whenever you don’t need it, you can store it folded. Some small models are even cabin-approved. These advantages alone make it worth the purchase. You’ll use it to visit the vet, out the dog in the car for a ride, etc. 

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to choosing these crates, too. If your dog or puppy chews, scratches, or can’t settle down in a crate, this won’t be your best buy. They are less durable or damage-resistant. What’s more, they are hard to clean. The fabric will serve you long only if the dog is crate-trained. So, you need to weigh all the pros and cons to define if this kind of structure suits your needs.

The Best Soft Dog crates

If you always bring your pup around, you should get a soft-sided crate. It’s a come comfortable solution with tons of benefits. The most popular options are EliteField 3-Door, Pet Gear 3-Door, NOZ2NOZ, Precision Pet, and PetNation Port-A-Crate. Let’s find out a bit more about the top 3 choices.

  1. EliteField 3-Door is the best overall option and the perfect alternative to the metal cage. This model is made of sturdy mesh and thick canvas which can be removed and washed separately. It’s also very light and easy to fold. One of the biggest advantages of this crate is that it’s well-ventilated. However, if you live in a cold area, this might not look like an advantage. The crate comes with extras like a mat, the carrying case, storage pockets, etc. If you like this bundle, you are sure to find a good deal for it.
  2. Pet Gear 3-Door seems soft but it also has a durable steel frame. While it makes the construction more durable, the model can still be easily folded. It comes with 3 doors and the easy push-button folding system. Moreover, you can pick from 3 sizes and get the most suitable option. This crate comes in different colors and some extra accessories.
  3. NOZ2NOZ is mostly suitable for trips. For instance, when you go to a vet or have a longer outing. Sturdy fabric, metal frame, and various sizes make it very popular among dog owners. Being soft, it’s also water-resistant. This is very convenient and lets you clean it up easier. However, when you first open it, the crate will smell a lot. So, give it a few days to lose the odor.

All in all, you now have a general idea about the features you can expect and the drawbacks you’ll have to face. Make the choice based on your needs and preferences to get the best model. Explore the models described above or get other options you prefer.

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