3 Popular Virtual Data Rooms for Mergers and Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are the most common transactions in big business. Their essence is that you can either sell/buy part of the business or merge with other enterprises. In most cases, business owners assume that there will be synergies. Therefore, companies merge, and profits are expected to increase if the enterprises operate separately.

In most cases, a transaction requires a huge amount of documentation and dozens of people who work with it. That is why there is a critical question of how to save time, do everything faster, and at the same time not lose your data. Again, virtual data rooms come to the rescue.


This virtual data room type software offers a variety of rates to suit the small, medium, and large businesses. Of course, everything depends entirely on the needs of your company.

The service offers three tariffs. The first, the simplest, is suitable for small companies that run only one project. Here you can add an unlimited number of users and up to 10 gigabytes of information. Medium to large business plans includes complete projects, users, and memory from 250 to 1000 gigabytes.

You can try the program first for free – 30 free trial days are provided for this. more on this software here – information on the site will allow you to get better acquainted with the benefits and functionality of the program. Please note that this is one of the best products for France and Francophone regions in other countries. We highly recommend reviewing this product on their website.


This virtual data room is suitable for large businesses and corporations. The cost of the service speaks eloquently about this: it is about $ 1,250 per month or even more, depending on the selected functionality.

The software can be used on devices with any operating system and online (through a browser).

It has all the tools for conducting mergers and acquisitions. The developers made sure that the transaction process was simple for all users, but at the same time, the files were sufficiently protected from external interference and theft.


This virtual data room is also focused primarily on large market players. It has all the tools for corporate interaction and transactions of any complexity. You can use Intralinks online or using the desktop version of the application.

At first, it may be difficult to understand all the functions of Intralinks since the program does not have the simplest interface. However, users get used to it after a while and note the software interface as an advantage, not a disadvantage.

Support service is always available to users, and it is possible to order the development of services that your company lacks.

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